Produce Law

Segal Santillo is one of the leading produce law firms in the province. We draw on decades of experience to advise and represent produce businesses through every step, from the time fruits and vegetables leave the field to their resale to the public.

We guide our clients in addressing their day-to-day business issues, and represent them when problems arise, providing comprehensive and timely service, in particular in the following areas:

  • Assisting our clients in dealing with issues relating to the packaging, importation, transportation, distribution and resale of produce;
  • Assisting our clients with respect to the various regulatory requirements applicable to the produce industry in Canada, including packaging, transportation or sale;
  • Negotiating and drafting purchase, supply, transport, brokerage, distribution and sale agreements; and
  • Representing clients in produce-related litigation before the Dispute Resolution Corporation or the courts, as necessary.